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Monday, August 8th, 2016 - Nissan

CarReviewsWorld.Com – The X-Trail is something of Japanese massive Nissan. It had been released as car-based small SUV in 2000, in the right time when other similar models were launched. A few of them are Hyundai Tucson, Suzuki Grand Vitara, Ford Escape etc. While those models remained in the same category of these years, X-Trail is continuing to grow up. It really is a mid-size crossover SUV nowadays. It really is in its third generation, that was released in 2013. Since this season is third of its development, we don’t assume that we will have a mid-cycle refresh yet so, it’ll feature the same characteristics as previous-year model probably.

We expect to visit a 2016 Nissan X-Trail by the finish of your season. Price of the bottom model will be around 23.000 dollars.

2016 Nissan X-Trail Front View

As we mentioned already, bigger changes for 2016 Nissan X-Trail aren’t expected. A mid-cycle refresh could come for the 2017 season model eventually. That one will feature virtually the same characteristics as model that came 2 yrs ago. It’ll ride on the Nissan/Renault Common Module Family. Its design continues to be in current design language, so that it feature a lot of styling cues borrowed from models like Juke, Patrol or murano. The 2016 X-Trail will be available in three trim levels – S, SL and sv. When it’s about interior, it’s possible that company shall install new, improved version of infotainment system, which include new Nissan Connect system. When it’s about safety, 2016 Nissan X-Trail shall feature cruise trip control, blind-spot diagnosis, electronic-brake circulation, brake assist, Abdominal muscles braking and air carriers including optional area air-bags as well.

2016 Nissan X-Trail Black

The 2016 Nissan X-Trail will continue steadily to use the same 2.5 liter petrol engine, like previous models. This proven engine motor is sufficient for 170 horsepower and 175 lb-ft of torque, while energy consumption is just about 26 mpg in metropolitan and 33 mpg in extra metropolitan drive. It really is affirmed that cross types version should come this season also. It’ll come only in Japan, while in other markets it’ll come probably with 2017 year model. The Nissan X-Trail will be accessible with 6-speed manual, 6-speed programmed and Variable transmission Continuously.

2016 Nissan X-Trail Picture Gallery

2016 Nissan X-Trail Wallpaper

If you want a cool wallpaper to be installed on a computer, this is one of the best.

2016 Nissan X-Trail Hybrid

When you’re in the era of cutting-edge technology, the renewable energy that may be unreliable.

2016 Nissan X-Trail Seat

Cars are considered particularly suitable to be used as a family car, capable of carrying many passengers.

2016 Nissan X-Trail Interior

One of the interior that should not be missed by prospective buyers is the dashboard, you must see these specifications.

2016 Nissan X-Trail Features

While the technologies installed on the dashboard should be the most recent of comfort and security in order to awake the whole way.

2016 Nissan X-Trail Side View

Viewed from the side the car is very charming, no doubt to buy it because the concept is good.

2016 Nissan X-Trail White

Who would not want to have this car, white is the most in demand among consumers.

2016 Nissan X-Trail Red

The red color is equally interesting, even among women quite attractive.

2016 Nissan X-Trail Redesign

If anyone wants to change one part, perhaps the most appropriate section wheels to be changed.

2016 Nissan X-Trail Changes

If you are the type who likes a change of car owners, the upcoming new models may be you are looking for, but at the latest X-Trail you might have encountered.

2016 Nissan X-Trail Dimensions

The exact dimensions will make the car more and more favored by consumers, the X-Trail is one of the best.

2016 Nissan X-Trail Variants

X-Trail has many variants, such as TRD, SR, Double Cab and maybe there’s more to be produced in the next year.

2016 Nissan X-Trail Rear View

If you see this car from behind, no one refused to have it. Looks sporty and very sturdy.

2016 Nissan X-Trail Exterior

Compactness every part of the Nissan X-Trail is admired by many consumers, some say the best quality but has a low price compared to its competitors. Hopefully you had a chance to try out the car.

2016 Nissan X-Trail Video Review

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